PG 107 - Villaggio Roma. From a concentration camp for prisoners of war in Torviscosa to the SAICI - SNIA Viscosa workers' village

07 giugno 2014 - 30 ottobre 2014

1942 was the year that the prisoner of war camp no. 107 was created in the Municipality of Torviscosa, housing around a thousand soldiers from New Zealand and South Africa captured by the Italian Army at the first battle of El Alamein. It was created at the request of SAICI – SNIA Viscosa to replace its workers who had left for the front with prisoners of war and was the first labour camp in Italy. It was a prison camp until September 1943, when it was transformed into a workers’ village.

The exhibition, held in Villaggio Roma, presents the history of the prison camp and its transformation into a village for agricultural workers that is now called Villaggio Roma. It has 80 panels displaying around 300 documents, 120 photographs and over 70 illustrations including drawings and maps.

Download flyer: PG 107 - Villaggio Roma. Dal campo di concentramento per prigionieri di guerra di Torviscosa al villaggio operaio della SAICI - SNIA Viscosa

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