Labor Omnia Vincit. Portraits of Life and Work from the Photographic Archive of SNIA Viscosa

30 aprile 2016 - 02 ottobre 2016

This photographic exhibition documents the unusual history of the town-factory of Torviscosa’s autarkic origin and presents an exceptional historic, artistic and socio-anthropological heritage. Materials on display belong to the SNIA Viscosa photographic archive, a collection from the 1930s to document activity in its plants and, in this case, in Torviscosa, including the transformation of the little rural hamlet of Torre di Zuino into a new industrial ‘cellulose town’. The focus of the exhibition are the men and women, hired hands and factory workers, who took part in this transformation, portrayed during work or breaks, but also in their private and everyday lives. Famous photographers and photography studios include Vincenzo Aragozzini, the Crimella Studio in Milano, and the Venice International Photography Agency.

Opening: Saturday 30th April 5 pm

Opening times: Saturday from 3 pm to 8 pm. Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm (last entry 7 pm). Free entry.

All photographs are from the SNIA Viscosa Historical Archive.

Download flyer: Labor omnia vincit. Ritratti di vita e di lavoro dall'archivio fotografico della SNIA Viscosa

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